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Adding graynotes to your work

Graynotes are private annotations that you can add to your composition as you work in order to retain important thoughts for later.
annotations,terminal graynotes,remarks,replies,placeholders


Bringing the pieces together

When your writing project becomes involved, it's often convenient to split it into sections, each saved to a separate file.
include pragma


The joy of distraction-free writing

A renaissance of sorts is under way, with authors eschewing the use of heavy feature-laden word processors in favor of a distraction-free writing experience hearkening back to the time before WYSIWYG.
distraction-free,symbolic endophrasing,text-within-code,code-within-text


A simple tool for a simple task

Who needs a complicated user interface just to say what's on your mind?
complicated user interface,minimalist interface


Scholarly citations with citemarks

In scholarly articles, when important concepts are not the author's original work, they need to be attributed — but getting citations right is an error-prone task.
citemarks,interscribed expression,adjunct expression,build-citations


It's never been more convenient to be in compliance

Making your websites accessible to people with visual impairments is a necessary but time-consuming task.


XML ≤ JSON ≤ Yaml ≤ Blue

Software developers have been fiddling with configuration files for far too long: INI files, XML, Plists, JSON, Yaml, TOML, ... have we missed any?
INI,XML,PList,JSON,Yaml,TOML,keyword values,attributes,hierarchical structure,comments,include pragmas


Polygot emitters in action

BLUEPHRASE can be used to represent many structured languages, and instant conversion is possible with the dedicated emitters that are built into the BLUE PROCESSOR.
HTML,Markdown,github flavored,wikitext,XML,JSON,Yaml,TOML,INI

Cross Referencing

Whoa! Bidirectional hyperlinks!

Hyperlinks are an aid to readers, and are perhaps the key reason why HTML is such a success, but bidirectional hyperlinks are not a directly supported markup feature.
junctors,full duplex,half duplex,multiplex,bidirectional hyperlinks


Taking markdown to the next level

Github has taken the humble README file and elevated it to star status by using Markdown. But after you've written a few of those, you start hoping that something will come along to take it to the next level.
Markdown,github flavored,README


Enliven your words with inline styling

With BLUEPHRASE, your words are always first and foremost, so sentences and paragraphs need no special treatment. When phrases need emphasis, surround them with styling doppelmarks.
styled phrases,bold,italicize,underline,quote


An innovative approach to templating

Pulling together the pieces of a document using include pragmas is fine, but BLUEPHRASE goes one further with its innovative enclosure templating.
enclosures, consistent framing, automatic decorations


When a digression just can't be thrown away

Some non-fiction works use footnotes to digress from the main thesis and explore interesting side-topics. Endnotes are similar to footnotes, except they appear in a group at the end of a chapter or the end of the book. BLUEPHRASE has special notemark notation to assist with coalescing and placing footnotes.


No need to be explicit when it's obvious

BLUEPHRASE uses a new technology called symbolic endophrasing, which turns markup syntax inside-out. One of the key features of this smart technology is its ability to imply context.
implied semantic context,p,span,table,ul,ol


The missing HTML verb has been found

So what's the deal with HTML not having an 'include' feature? Countless solutions have arisen to solve this problem, but few are as straightforward as BLUEPHRASE.
include pragma


Do your readers a favor: give them an index

Serious works of reference need a good index, something that goes beyond simple word searching. BLUEPHRASE has indexmark notation which is used to mark passages for inclusion in an index.
indexmarks,metatopic,defining entry,unmarked entry,secondary entry,cross-reference entry,build-index


Tired of fussing with bulleted list?

When it comes to word processors, it seems like bulleted lists are never quite right — there's always a bit too much fiddling around with the paragraphs above and below. And nested lists? ... forget it!
ul,ol,li,implied semantax,nested lists


Your table of contents is always in sync

Compositions that are large enough to have a table of contents can benefit from the BLUEPHRASE listmark feature. This is especialy convenient when the structure of your composition is adjusted during its development.
listmarks,list of illustrations,table of contents,list of figures,adjunct expression,interscribed expression,build-list


Get your words out there

The final step in every writing project is getting your work in front of your intended audience. Read Write Tools software generates finished compositions suitable for various publishing platforms.


Lossless conversion — every jot and tittle

Chances are, you already have a big investment in web pages. Fortunately, you can reuse every bit of it with Read Write Tools software.
RWREUSE,jot and tittle,lossless transformation,round-trip compatible


Auto-incrementing ordinals, any way you like

When you have an ever-changing document, it's a chore to keep your numbered sections in order. BLUEPHRASE answers this challenge with sequencing variables.
sequencing variable,auto-increment,digits,letters,roman,greek,abjad,hebrew


The easy way to put BLUEPHRASE on the Web

With Apache and NGINX, your BLUEPHRASE documents need to be served as HTML, meaning that you'll have to manage both html and blue documents in your version control system. Not so with Read Write Tools' RWSERVE.


Wait, wait, I'm confused

After years of working with HTML, coders know that hyperlinks are specified using an href attribute and images are specified using a src attribute, but c'mon who remembers what to use for objects, forms, and blockquotes?


Finding and fixing typos

Read Write Tools' spellchecker puts a twist on this indispensable helper. Instead of popping up one-word at a time, or highlighting with squiggly red lines, the RWT spellchecker displays all your potential misspellings in one unified listing.


Give your readers the visual clues they need to really explore

Poor structuring can turn your readers away — who wants to struggle through a wall of words? Good structuring becomes an invitation to the reader to immerse themselves in what you have to offer.


Chances are, you already know how to do this

Styling your composition is an art unto itself. BLUEPHRASE keeps this work separate from the work of writing, by delegating it to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
id,classnames,style,inline declarations,style block,external declarations,targeting semantax,classnames,identifiers


Declare variables on-the-fly and use them anywhere

Declaring and using variables in your BLUEPHRASE templates gives them the flexibility to be used over and over.


Arranging your data into tabular form has never been so easy!

Creating HTML tables has always been a study in perseverance. If you work at it long enough you eventually get the results you want.
html tables,classic notation,implied notation,inline notation


From wireframes to finished pages

Creating wireframes is an excellent way for designers to communicate their intentions to software developers, but all too often, their work is referenced once and thrown away.
user interface,wireframes,polished product


Tools for people with something to say

Read Write Tools makes software for writers, and writers come in many flavors: authors, bloggers, poets, scientists, software engineers, technical writers, webmasters, and ... what about you?
printed article,PDF document,web page,eBook,XML file,Markdown document

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