The joy of distraction-free writing


A renaissance of sorts is under way, with authors eschewing the use of heavy feature-laden word processors in favor of a distraction-free writing experience hearkening back to the time before WYSIWYG.

Read Write Tools' applications provide a distraction-free writing experience through a simple text editing interface: just a blank screen, your keyboard, and the ability to save your written words to a plain-text file.

The approach to styling and structuring your work is to use symbolic instructions that are embedded within your composition using BLUEPHRASE notation and its smart technology called symbolic endophrasing.

Your words are primary and the embedded symbolic instructions are secondary. This approach inverts the classic text-within-code paradigm into a novel code-within-text paradigm.

Embedded symbolic instructions completely forgo the use of HTML start and end tags — those annoying marks which require such an awkward and error-prone typing sequence (with multiple shifted and unshifted keystroke combinations, making it even more annoying). Without tags, the symbolic instructions contain no redundant opening and closing marks, freeing you to see more of your composition and less of the markup.

Keep your hands on the keyboard,
and keep your thoughts on your work.

The joy of distraction-free writing

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