Bringing the pieces together


When your writing project becomes involved, it's often convenient to split it into sections, each saved to a separate file. Then, as the project nears its completion, you can use include pragmas to assemble the pieces into the correct order.

The include pragma is a short phrase that you add to your document which instructs the BLUEPROCESSOR to fold the contents of another file into your manuscript. The instruction is straightforward — just type the location of the file to be included and delimit it with a pair of grave-accents ` ... `, like these three examples:

h1 Creatures of the Deep Sea

h2 Weird and Wonderful
!include `weird-and-wonderful.blue`

h2 Rare Sightings
!include `rare-sightings.blue`

h2 Mythological Creatures
!include `mythological-creatures.blue`

Bringing the pieces together

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