Get your words out there


The final step in every writing project is getting your work in front of your intended audience. Read Write Tools software generates finished compositions suitable for various publishing platforms.

When your target audience will be reading from paper, use the Print option, which will format and render your manuscript on the paper size you select.

When you want to reach your target audience with an electronic document, use the PDF option, which formats the same as Print but automatically saves it as a PDF.

When you are targeting an online audience, your output should be HTML, which is the native output format for BLUEPHRASE: simply Save your document, and your words will be saved in two forms: a .blue file and an .html file.

When your web server is RWSERVE, your .blue file is served directly to site visitors, so the .html counterpart can be discarded.

When your target audience is github, use RWEMIT to generate a Markdown file.

When your target audience is an eBook, use RWBOOK to generate an EPUB file.

† RWBOOK coming soon.

Get your words out there

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