Tools for people with something to say


Read Write Tools makes software for people with something to say. Writers come in many flavors: authors, bloggers, poets, scientists, software engineers, technical writers, webmasters, and ... what about you?

Read Write Tools' software uses a new type of encoding called symbolic endophrasing which is simply a plain-text file with embedded notational marks. All of the writing tools use a simple distraction-free user interface, without buttons, and without lots of selecting and clicking. Instead, styling and structuring are done by typing doppelmarks that delimit portions of your manuscript and provide semantic context, termed semantax.

The smart technology behind Read Write Tools' software is the BLUEPROCESSOR which monitors your typing and builds a behind-the-scenes model of your paragraphs, phrases, words, and notational marks.

All of this is in support of the evolving work that is your composition. Depending on what type of writer you are, the finished composition may be a printed article, a PDF document, a web page, an eBook, an XML file, a Markdown document, or one of the other specialized emitters built for BLUEPHRASE.

Tools for people with something to say

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