Symbolic endophrasing is smart-tech


Blue-phrase Basics

Getting started with symbolic endophrasing

In this short introductory note, you will learn how to author documents with many of the commonly used typographic techniques found in word processors, by using BLUE-PHRASE symbolic endophrasing. There are only a few basic rules to learn.
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BLUE-PHRASE Essentials

A primer for effectively using BLUE-PHRASE

This note will teach you the essentials necessary to effectively use BLUE-PHRASE. It will also reveal techniques that enable you to perform certain commonly occurring tasks with greater ease using shorthand notation.
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Blue-phrase + CSS

The fundamentals of styling

Styling your BLUE-PHRASE composition with Cascading Style Sheets.

blue-phrase Quick Ref

Syntax cheat sheet

A quick reference cheat sheet to BLUE-PHRASE syntax
blue-phrase,quick reference,syntax cheat sheet

Syntax cheat sheet