Smart tech for people who type

Enterprise Software

Nextgen HTTP/2 server technology for 2020 and beyond.

Premium Web server and utilities for dynamic modular JavaScript plugins, site search, analytics, and BLUEPHRASE content delivery.

Rediscover the beauty of HTML, with BLUEPHRASE shorthand notation and distraction free writing.

Desktop Apps

Premium desktop apps using BLUEPHRASE for declarative templating and content authoring on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Web Components

100% standards based components with isolation, separation, modularization, and customization.

A collection of free and open source Web Components for favorites, search, shadow boxes, site navigation, and reader experience cards.

Add new features to your server using JavaScript work orders without the callback hassle of middleware.

JavaScript Server Plugins

A collection of free and open source Read Write Serve HTTP/2 Web Server plugins for ready use or customization.

Enterprise software, desktop apps, web components, and server plugins.

Read Write Hub

Smart tech for people who type